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inu:it helps a wide range of customers on a daily basis, with their IT support needs. We would like to help you too.

Our service desk serves all types of customers - large or small, public or private. Whether you just need to call once in a while, or whether your needs are that we take over the overall responsibility for your IT operations and support, our support team is ready. We offer tailor-made solutions tailored to the individual customer's needs, so you get exactly the level of support needed for your business.

support 24/7

With a 24-hour service agreement, you get access to support outside normal business hours, as well as access to an experienced consultant 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. The 24-hour service agreement specifies exactly what the agreement covers, based on your needs as a customer, and an individual contract is made, so that there are clear guidelines for coverage, response times, payment and benefits.