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How is the company's IT resources optimized in the best way possible? What makes the most sense for your company's setup and requirements for accessibility, security, flexibility and future-proofing?

  • on-premise
  • hosted
  • cloud

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything - we help you create an overview of what makes the best sense in relation to your particular setup. Often, a hybrid combination of the above will provide the best opportunity for both control and security while ensuring flexibility and agility.

If all IT operations and backup are located locally in the company, it requires competencies and a need for investments in hardware, software, licenses, security and procedures. A hosted solution allows you to focus more on supporting business processes and less on IT operations themselves, which are instead handled by inu: it. Finally, Cloud allows for great flexibility and fast acting in a changing world. Whether it is a backup, a temporary test setup or various applications such as. Office365 will quickly create an environment that matches what you want, which can be continuously adapted to your current needs.

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Talk to one of our consultants where you can get advice and guidance and together you can discuss which solution will provide the most value for your particular business - most likely, we can help you release time and resources.