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Unique customers calls for unique solutions. However, some customers' needs are more unique than others. Therefore, development tasks are a natural part of our everyday life in inu:it.

We have our own development team, which combined have more than 20 years of experience designing and developing special solutions for many different types of tasks. We have performed tasks for both public institutions, educational institutions and the private business community, and we are used to providing advice, design and development of both large and small tasks.


Does your company have some areas where you eg. need integration between different solutions? Or you need a system for solving a very special task? Then let's talk about how we can help solve these challenges. We have developed a Character Database as well as a StepTest system for the Greenlandic Ministry of Education, and in close collaboration with them created the graphs and statistical solutions that help to evaluate the public school's challenges and results, and we have developed the Greenland University University system which ensures that different public systems can talk together.

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Over the years, we have served hundreds of customers in inu: it - whether it is problems with the end of the year, a complete financial management system, a procurement solution, GL Salary or specially developed systems for solving very specific challenges, then we have the skills to help our customers on the road. . It is a great advantage that we are all used to working locally, and know about special conditions within, for example. tax and salary in Greenland.

At the same time, we conduct ongoing courses and perform local support.