Sometimes standard solutions just aren't enough to meet our customers' needs. That's why we have our own development department at inu: We have had that from day one. We therefore have more than 20 years of development experience behind us. We have performed tasks for public institutions, educational institutions as well as the private business community, and we are used to providing advice, design and development of large and small tasks.

Our development consultants all work with three common objectives:

  • We need to know the customer's needs
  • We need to see opportunities for the customer
  • The process must always be dynamic

When we begin a development project, good preparation is the first step. It is important that both parties know what to do. We include the customer so that together we can help each other see the opportunities in the development project. Many times we see that customers are locked into an original idea where, with our many years of experience in the luggage, we can help the customer see new opportunities: That our solutions almost always end up being the customer a much better tool in everyday life, than they had expected.

The dynamic process means that there is always room for further development of our projects. We know from experience that our customers are dynamic companies who want to move forward. That is why we are constantly updating our special solutions to always suit our customers' development and current needs.